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Is there anything we accept wholeheartedly

Is there anything we are receptive towards

Is there anything we tolerate the way it is

Is there anything we reciprocate to

Is there anything we do to please others

Is there anything we do to please ourselves

Or is there anything which pleased us

The answer is an absolute NO

Why? Because we just want things to go the way we want them to

But who are we to decide the present or the future

We are GIVEN the present to live and to make the future

Then that becomes the past and this is how life goes on

So it’s not in our hands to decide our fate, It’s Allah Almighty Who decides our destiny


That is an U L T I M A T E T R U T H.!

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And She Keeps Everything Bottled Up Inside Her…!

‘I have a thousand things to say to you, but a thousand reasons not to. Think of it like slowly unscrewing the cap of a soda so that carbonation doesn’t cause a massive, fizzy mess and overflow out of the bottle…’

images (35)images (34)The girl looked up from her morning cup of tea and and the tears trickled down her cheeks. Suddenly the flashback of all the badΒ  memories was coming back to her. She was an emotional person and feels everything deeply and intensely. This often leads her to become depressed and upset about even the ordinary things. She never shared her feelings, and her thoughts with anyone. She just keeps everything inside her, pretending to be strong, and not letting others to know about her sorrows.Will people be more receptive towards me? Will they understand me? Will they share my pain as equally as I want them to? Will they accept me the way I am? How will they react after hearing my sorrows and fears? These questions were always on her mind and never allowed her to be more open up with people. So when she was left with countless reasons to not to express, she turned to become overly happy-go lucky person. This was the survival mechanism she used to avoid exploding.

images (36)When she smiled and she laughed you couldn’t help but smile along too. Everything positive reflects on her face. Her acquaintances desired her and courted her friendship. But behind all these contagious laughters, witty jokes and positive vibes was a person who was very sad, fighting withΒ  fears, and trying to overcome them. There was a person who was very deep from inside and very sensitive. She had the fear of speaking in front of people. She keeps everything bottled up inside her. She understands the fact that how different opinions and feelings are. You may speak your mind and share your views but when it comes to feelings, they are foreign to everyone else. So she decided that it was easy to refrain from expressing what is inside her because she was certain that nobody would understand herΒ  anyway.

She learned to hide her feelings at a very early age but she was also taught to be expressive in life. It takes a lot of energy and effort but it can be done. Deep down she understands that life is too short to not to tell people how you feel, and there’s a constant battle within to improve on it. Her everyday’s resolution was: ( I’m going to be more open with people.) Randomly motivated to change ? ( I’m going to be more open with people.)

It’s something you strive for, but ironically it’s much easier for you to say than do. After spending so much time biting your tongue and holding back for the sake of others that you’re a mess inside, when someone finally asks you, ” How are things going? ” or ” Is everything okay? ” you’re overcome with all of the feels and want to burst in tears. You’ve bottled up an abundance of emotions and they just unscrewed the cap. You might be able to muster up a trembling voice, ” I’m fine. ” and escape before the waterworks begin, but this only ends with you crying.

So one day eventually she blows up. It is inevitable. Probably, all of her feelings comes out at once. That was the time she had all her bad memories coming back to her. She regretted over the decisions she had made in life just to please others, she regretted over the times when she remained silent when it was not needed to, she regretted over all those moments when she hide her feelings and pretended to be fake, she regretted it…She didn’t resist this and ended up crying and screaming out loud. It was as if she was doing a catharsis, purifying herself from all the unpleasant memories, fears and pity.

They say it’s never too late and you’re never too old to become better. So this is exactly what happened to her. She becomes strong, overcomes her fears and turned out to be a person who is way more confident than ever. That’s what life is. It teaches you everything and anything. It gives you opportunities to become better. It gives you the reasons to reflect upon your weaknesses and strengths. It puts you in situations where you can overcome your fears. It gives every chance to becone better and better but all you need is to find those reasons, look for that opportunities and take every chance to become stronger andΒ  better than before.

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Empowered Women, Empower Women.

According to Charles Malikleo, “The fastest way to change society is to mobilize the women of the world.”Β This can only done by giving education to women.

Education is one of the most critical areas of empowerment for women. It is also an area that offers some of the clearest examples of discrimination women suffer. Offering girls basic education is one sure way of giving them much greater power — of enabling them to make genuine choices over the kinds of lives they wish to lead. This is not the luxury, it is a basic human right.

There are so many people who talk about women empowerment. But do they actually know what does this word, Empowerment, means.According to the Oxford English Dictionary, empowerment (a noun) means; An authority or power given to someone to do something. So, Women Empowerment, clearly means giving power to women so that they can have genuine possibilities to become everything theh wish for.This power doesn’t mean giving women the right of doing everything, right or wrong, but the way of enabling the women to stand for themselves when needed and so that they can earn in case of need.So this is possible only when women are educated.

There are some of the key reasons that would help us understand the importance of Girl’s Education in a refined way:

1. Improves literacy rate of the country

2. Reduces chances of poverty from the country

3. Makes a nation politically strong.

Educating a girl means, educating a family, educating a society, educating a nation.When a single seed can bring so many fruits, why to suppress it at the initial stages.Let this seed grow and enhance the beauty of the nation.Because there is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.According to Margaret Thatcher,”If you want something said, Ask a man, If you want something done, Ask a woman.

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A Woman/Housewife

We live in a society where it is traditional for a man to make a proposal to the girl.Asks her if she is ready to marry him.A girl, with the consent of her family, accepts his proposal.Then they both get married.A girl is then exposed to a whole new life which is the exact opposite of the life she has in her dreams.A life full of responsibilities where a man leaves his wife to worry about things that do not even matter for the marriage to go well but just satisfies his ego.

A man leaves his wife to look after his kids.Leave her to look after his house.Leave her to attend his family members in the best possible manner.Leave her to worry about what to cook.Leave her to iron his clothes without any creases.Leave her to be up early in the morning so that he do not get late for office.Leave her to worry about everything.If a woman does all of this, she will then be titled as ‘The Perfect Wife’.

Why do people expect this sort of hardwork and patience from women only.Why do you not understand that she is also, ‘A Human’, a human who breathes the same way the man does, a human who gets tired the same way the man becomes, a human who holds equal rights and respect the man have.It is something people need to understand.

A ‘wifey material’ does not have anything to do with cooking skills, domesticated attributes or physical appearance.If a woman does have that, it would be a plus.But if a woman respects her husband’s struggles, encourages him, and appreciates his whole being no matter how difficult he his or would be…Then that’s a ‘wifey material’.

But still, if you expect a woman to take care of the house in the best possible way or if a husband does not afford to have any domestic help at home for his wife, then she must have a contentment, self-satisfaction and constant support and respect from her husband.A wife is a backbone of her family, if she’s not happy, the whole house is in chaos, so it’s very important for a man to make his wife realises her importance and to make her realise that she holds equal rights and respect as he has in their bond called ‘Marriage’.

When marriages does not work for some reason or the other, husbands often blame their wives for that and end their relationship.Because he knows that it’s a male chauvinist society, people will only blame a wife for a loss but not him.According to the Qur’an, a man may have up to four legal wives at any one time. The husband is required to treat all wives equally. If a man fears that he will not be able to meet these conditions then he is not allowed more than one wife.But what a man does is, he use this to his benefit and threatens his wife to behave in the best possible way or he would end their relationship…This is the harsh reality of our society.The ‘male-dominated’ society.

We, as women feel so bad and insecure to have this kind of treatment.We can make a change-a change for the goodness and betterment for all the women who are victims of this injustice.All we need is a bit of confidence and determination and this will sooner or later will make a positive change in our society.








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You Just Don’t Let Me Speak Out

Just one word to say

I’ve nothing else to do

No choices left

What to do next?

I don’t know

You just don’t let me speak out

I want to shout, I want to cry, I want to scream out loud

No one but you, YOU don’t let me open up

I don’t know why

But there is something about you, I don’t understand

Whenever I tried, I failed

I don’t know why

You just don’t let me speak out

Dumb parts of me wanna cry out loud, there’s something screaming inside me can’t let it out

There’s something about you, the way you are, so dark

It wouldn’t let me open up

Those paradoxical behaviour

Those changing moods

Those temperaments of introversion, sometimes extroversion

Discourages me to trust you

Cause you know trust is like a paper, once it’s crumpled, it can’t be perfect

You just don’t let me speak out

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Just Be Yourself

Why do you care for someone so much


Why do you pretend to be someone you’re not meant to be

Why it’s hard to love yourself

Why can’t you accept the way you are

If you look for something to criticise, you will find it.

If you look for something to compliment, you will find that, too.

Your choice.

So just focus on what you like

What you want to do

Just Be Yourself

Live the life to its fullest

You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone

Because you cannot force anyone to trust you

So just be YOU

Sometimes it’s better to be alone

Don’t let people judge you, control you

Why you’re so quick to put the details of your personality out

Sometimes it’s good to let your emotions be visible only to you and invisible to others

Because people won’t understand you

So Just Be Yourself

(Live, eat and pray that’s the best thing to do)

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Emptiness Of A Soul

Those bright dim lights,

Lights but no lights,

Nothing bright.

A darkness,

A darkness inside a soul.

A couch and a table.

An empty soul, contemplating, with a cup of hot tea and a sooper.

A thought, A want, A wish, A dream, A reality.

A darkness, and an emptiness and her soul.

A vacuum it is..

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