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Just Be Yourself

Why do you care for someone so much


Why do you pretend to be someone you’re not meant to be

Why it’s hard to love yourself

Why can’t you accept the way you are

If you look for something to criticise, you will find it.

If you look for something to compliment, you will find that, too.

Your choice.

So just focus on what you like

What you want to do

Just Be Yourself

Live the life to its fullest

You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone

Because you cannot force anyone to trust you

So just be YOU

Sometimes it’s better to be alone

Don’t let people judge you, control you

Why you’re so quick to put the details of your personality out

Sometimes it’s good to let your emotions be visible only to you and invisible to others

Because people won’t understand you

So Just Be Yourself

(Live, eat and pray that’s the best thing to do)

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Sleeping is nice.You forget about everything for a little while.

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