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Noor Mahal

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  • The Noor mahal is a palace in Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan.
  • It was built in 1872.
  • It belonged to the nawab of Bahawalpur.
  • The construction of Noor Mahal was undertaken by Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Khan the fourth, who was also known as the Shah Jahan of Bahawalpur for his passion of constructing beautiful (5)
  • Mr Heennan, an Englishman who was the state engineer, designed the building.
  • Most of the palace’s materials from England and Italy. 

  • According to one legend, Nawab Sadiq Khan Abbasi IV had the palace made for his wife; however she was only there for one night, as she happened to see the adjoining graveyard from her balcony, and refused to spend another night there, so it remained unused during his reign.
  • The construction of Noor Mahal was completed in 1875 at a cost of Rs 1.2 million.images (35)download (5)images (34) 


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