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Flower of the day, Nov 11, 2017 – Jasmine or Gardenia

Gardenia_jasminoides_cv1 (1)Jasmine or GardeniaΒ is the national flower of Pakistan.

The white color of this flower typically reflects peace and wisdom.

There is no specified reason that why actually is Jasmine the national flower of Pakistan.Β However, an assumption suggests that as the flower is quite abundant in the country so it is opted as the national flower.

Further, a few claims that the white color of Jasmine and the white color in Pakistan’s flag are both actually symbolizes the peace, wisdom and the rights of minority in the country.

Gardenia jasminoidesΒ is aΒ shrubΒ with greyish bark and dark green shinyΒ evergreenΒ leaves with prominent veins. The white flowers bloom in spring and summer and are highly fragrant. They are followed by small oval fruit.

The fruit is used as a yellow dye,Β which is used for clothes and food.