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Twittering Tales #61 – 7 November 2017

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Who knows about life and its unpredictability
Who knows what lies ahead
Who knows what life will bring
Who knows where life will take you
Who knows what it’s like to be dead
Every soul is bound to taste death but Hank experienced it too early in his life when he was called to die…

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Accepting reality!

Laying straight on a bed
Staring at the cieling
Thinking of a life
The ups n downs
The high n lows
Which makes her strong.

Does it really makes her strong ? Or she has become even more weak
These questions popped up into her mind
A dilemma,
She never understand a bit.

Carrying the pain
Pretending to be strong
But vulnerable
Emotionally and physically weak Jay.

While thinking of her life and its unpredictability, Jay cried with all her heart
Cried so heavily that her pillow got wet.

Jay gave up on her life, her abilities and her dreams
The girl gave up on everything
The resistance towards hostility
The resistance towards injustice
The resistance towards lies
The resistance towards everything and everyone who hurts her emotionally, has come to an end.

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I don’t know if it fits here or not but I kinda like these words, so I thought I should put it here. This is just to show that how a sunlight can changes your mood and makes you feel refreshed and spirited.

But as she looked at the window and the sunshine fell upon her face, Jay felt as if everything has changed.
A new day
Another beautiful morning
Another beautiful day to live
Another blessing to be thankful to Almighty.

She Rubbed her eyes, yawned, and stretched her arms
Made a little movement
Got up from the bed
Took a step or two
Looked in the mirror
And saw a whole new person, with all new spirit and an urge to live life to its fullest, and to accept life with all its ups and downs.

A completely transformed personality
The person with a whole new outlook towards everything…

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