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Twittering Tales #69 – 30 January 2018


Happy, happy, happy
It’s time for the sleep
Baby, baby, baby
You better go to sleep
A proud new mama turned her baby bliss into a sweet lullaby. This sweet night ritual with it’s slow rythm promotes a state of drowsiness. She thinks her son is a sweetest little part of her destiny.


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A Human.

A human cannot tolerate depression, yet he suffers extreme hardships.

A human cannot tolerate pressure, yet he is always under burden.

A human cannot tolerate sadness, yet he suffers from extreme pain.

A human cannot tolerate loneliness, yet he is sometimes alone.

A human cannot tolerate insult, yet he gets embarrassed and faces it.

A human cannot tolerate defeat, yet he looses and stands up again.

A human is like an iron man, a commando, a spiderman, a super hero and an all-time winner. A human wants happiness yet he faces sadness but still tackle the situation, faces it , encourages himself and stands up again. It is not ordinary, it is extraordinary.

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Specialities Of Pakistan.

Speciality of a city of a specific place, for cities do have something special to present to other. It is a special item that becomes their identity.  Speciality is something that a city takes pride in. It could be anything from a needle to a pencil and from a dress to a food item. Outsiders buy these items particularly whenever they visit that city and proudly present such items to their friends and family as a token of love and affection. Pakistani cities are also famous for their special attractions, called β€œSoghat”. Some of the famous things about certain cities of Pakistan are:

Peace of Islamabad

It is the capital city of Pakistan. This beautiful green city is famous for its peacefulness. People visiting from Karachi and Lahore love this city and its calm and clean surroundings.


Liveliness of Lahoris

Lahore is popular for the liveliness of its people. People in Lahore are the most Zinda dill and liveliest of all. They live each and every moment to its fullest and are very optimistic and hospitable.images (3)

Chakwali Rewari

Rewari is made up of desi ghee and sesame and is a well-known sweet in Pakistan. Chakwal is famous for producing the best Rewaris, which are known as Pehalwan Rewari.

images (4)
Rewri is crisp toffee like dessert made from jaggery or sugar with coating of sesame seeds. Rewri is also often consumed as a tea time snack

Peshawari Chappal

The capital of KPK, Peshawar is very popular for the manufacturing of Chappal (Sandals). Handmade leather sandals are prepared here which are undoubtedly more durable than other machine made sandals.sg12-700x420.png

Biryani of Karachi

Karachi is the capital city of Sindh province. It is known as the β€˜city of lights’. This city has a lot of specialties but the most popular specialty of Karachi is its Biryani. It’s tasty and spicy Biryani is popular all over the country.

Biryani is a rice dish, prepared with an uber delicious green masala consisting of cilantro/coriander leaves and warm spices. It is hearty, wholesome, aromatic and just what you need for a satisfying meal!

Khanpuri Paira

It is a district of Raheemyar Khan and is very well known for its irresistible sweets, khoya and paira.

Paira is a lovely sweet recipe, made by milk, sugar and dry fruits. Khanpuri pairay are realky a tasty and well known sweet dish that is sent as a present on different occasions, events and festivals. Guests usually arrive in Pakistan with such type of sweet gifts

Dry Fruits of Quetta

Quetta is the capital of Balochistan province. It is famous for the production and export of high-quality dry fruits.images (3)

Sports and Surgical Items of Sialkot

Sialkot is very popular for the production of world’s best sports goods and surgical equipment. It produces cricket bats, hockey, balls etc. These are exported all over the world. Even in FIFA, the football used was made in Sialkot, which makes every Pakistani proud.images (4)

Pottery of Gujrat

Gujrat is well known for its beautiful pottery. It’s clay pots were used to set world records in the past. This city is also famous for furniture and fans.images (8)799892-Ccopy-1417370341-660-640x480

Sohan Halwa of Multan

Everyone who visits Multan brings back with him this scrumptious halwa known as Sohan Halwa. It is made from dry fruits and desi ghee.images (9)

Faisalabad Textile

Faisalabad is very popular for producing best quality clothes and garments. This city has huge textile mills which produce high-quality textile, not only for the country but also for exporting abroad.images (10)Machines-textiles-LinMot

Pickles of Hyderabad

Hyderabad, the city of Sindh is very well known for producing fine taste pickles which are famous all over Pakistan.images (15)

Mianwali Khussa

Mianwali is a city of Punjab which is famous for its Khussa production. Khussa is a footwear which is worn by Indo-Pak people. Mianwali is popular for producing high quality and durable khussa.images (14)unnamedunnamed (1)unnamed (3)