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The Total Number Of Days We live, is LIFE.!

This one word *life*, can cheer you up or at the same time drives you crazy. This word itself has the power to drive you accordingly which can be called a destiny of an individual. Life is beautiful but at the same time it is dreary too. You don’t know what’s gonna happen next, what other surprises it has for you, and what else it has to make or break your day.

The word *day*, is another powerful word and even powerful than life itself;Β  because, ‘ days makes your life. ‘Β The more days you have, the longer the life gets. The happier the days are, the more exciting the life becomes for you. The unhappy the days are, the depressing the life becomes for you. So it all happens because of the kind of days you live. If I would ask myself to put life and days into an expression then that would be: Total numberof days an individual lives = Life. So it means that if we want to make our lives beautiful and worth living then we should live our day to its fullest, makes the most out of it and figure out the things that makes us glad.

Nothing is impossible to make yourself happy. They say, ” Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect. ” So just as small thing as watching a tv, dressing up for a wedding, eating your favourite meal or even nail-painting can give you pleasure and can cheer you up. There are so many little little things in 24 hours that can make our lives worth it. But all that we need to do is to look for those precious moments and then live them to their fullest.

Life is a beautiful blessing from Almighty and we need to thank Him for this. Let suppose, we’re eating a meal with our family and just take a minute out to thank Almighty that you’re eating a food, it’s a blessing, secondly, you have that beautiful time to chill and relax, it’s a blessing, thirdly, you have the right digestive system to digest your food, it’s another blessing, and lastly you’re happy, you’re healthy, you’re sitting and eating and laughing, it’s another beautiful blessing so what else do we need ? This realization can make a person happy and humble. So we must thank Him for everything.

We think that life is complicated and we don’t know the rules to live it. We’re wrong; life is not complicated, we makes it so for ourselves. It’s just about living your day and days and that itself makes a life. Like I said before, life is the sum of the days we live and Almighty blesses us with a new day, a new morning and that means He gives you another reason to live and another blessing to be thankful for. Lets take an example of an everyday ritual of people greeting each other and the first question they asks is, ‘ How’s life going? ‘ and we say, it’s going good. So what does that mean ? It means how was your day and we answered that the day was well spent. So this is another small example to prove that days makes our lives.

The whole purpose of writing this was to make myself realize that out of the countless blessings we have, life is one of them. We need to live life. We are given this life and days to live and we have to make them worth living. So just spend your day with whatever you have and don’t spoil it by doing backbiting, or by jealousy and hatred. Stay away from the negativity and be positive.

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