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Hello blogging family.😊 VAS HAPPENING. Hope you all doing good. Welcome to my little space and thank you so much for dropping by. 😊I’ll make sure to make your visit worth it.πŸ’– So let’s start the ‘writing’ thing.😊

Some days back I realized that it’s very important to actually feel what you feel. I know it sounds a bit odd and unusual but trust me it’s something very important. We don’t even realize that why a certain feeling or emotion arises inside us.Β FeelingsΒ are importantΒ because they help us to know ourselves, to be real, and to connect deeply with other people.

But how can you feel what you feel. It’s very simple: *without any specific order*😊

  1. By letting out your emotions.
  2. By being expressive about what you like or dislike.
  3. By enjoying the moment you’re living in.
  4. By reading your mind.
  5. By listening to your heart.
  6. By knowing yourself.
  7. By loving yourself.
  8. By analysing that how and why a certain feeling arises in you.
  9. By writing down anything you feel.
  10. By being ‘Just Yourself.’

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