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Hello blogging family.😊 VAS HAPPENING. Hope you all doing good. Welcome to my little space and thank you so much for dropping by. 😊I’ll make sure to make your visit worth it.πŸ’– So let’s start the ‘writing’ thing.😊

It is in my nature that I spend a third of my time relaxing, thinking about the most random things. So few days back when I was ironing my sister’s uniform, one thought popped into my head that what is tolerance and how people deal with it. Does it vary from individual to individual or is it same in every person. But then I wondered that how and why a person can tolerate so many problems even when he is seemingly very weak both emotionally and physically.Β Is it because of the strength Almighty has given to him or is it an inborn capability or is it that Almighty gives strength with hardships. And there were so many questions popping into my mind but I was not getting the answer and then I remembered the following verse:never-burdens-us.jpg

This verse made me so relaxed and satisfied that I put the iron on the side and thank Almighty for making me and every other person strong and also because He has blessed us with the tolerance and strength to bear hardships. Thank you Almighty for EVERY thing.

And thank you ALL for visiting my blog.😁 May Almighty blesses you ALL with happiness, success and good health. AMEEN.


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