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Twittering Tale #73 – 4 March, 2018


Being in a state of agitation
Going through the turbulent phases of her life
Jay dreamt of a broken down bridge, a lake, and a fence
Which symbolizes obstacles and tumult, except of a lake whose clearness and stillness suggests the deep self that lies beneath the emotional self.

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Sleeping is nice.You forget about everything for a little while.

5 thoughts on “Twittering Tale #73 – 4 March, 2018

    1. Aww.😚 thank you so much.! I’m really honoured that you liked it and I mean it.🌟💖
      I’m not as regular as I was before with my twittering tale posts bcz of the tests and all…but now I try my level best to be more active. It’s such a good challenge and drives creativity. All thanks to you. 😀😊

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