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I’ll love you forever and ever
You’ll be in my heart ever and ever
I love you beyond words can explain
My day without you is nothing but full of pain
Whether I smile, whether I cry, I need you besides me: to kiss me, to hug me, to love me
You are the solution to my problems
You are the cure to my disease
You are everything to me
I can’t help seeing you in everything
The flowers hold your scent
The winds kissed me like you do
The stars shine like you at night
I love you, l love you, I love you to the mostest
Your love for me and my love for you is unconditional, without any demands, without any expectations
The only thing we expect from each other is pure love
You deserve all the respect, all the honour, all the love
You did so much for us, the sacrifices, the hardships
I love you, I respect you, I adore you.

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