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Two People Departed.!

You and I, holding hands walking down the street, talking, gossiping, sharing secrets, making memories, living the moment.
You and I, making promises to never be apart, to never let down each other, to never cheat on one another.
You and I, taking oaths of lasting this marriage till death, to care about each other till the end.
You and I, reminiscing over the past, pondering over our future.
Suddenly I heard a voice, ‘wake up, wake up. It’s 8 in the morning. You’re already too late for the physiatrist. You’ve an appointment today.’
The words pinched me so hard and suddenly I realised that it was just a dream. The reality is I’m here, all alone. He left me alone to fight with my mental health. Is that a marriage? Where are those promises? Where?

After Recovery:

Where I am is where I supposed to be.
I’m meant to be here, it’s my destiny, it’s my life.
It puts me in a trouble, it tests me for a while but I passed the test.
I’m here, in a good health.
I’m here, satisfied with what I’ve done all these years.
I’m here, without any guilt.
I’m here, contented over the decisions I’ve made in the past.
I’m here, thankful to Almighty for making you the part of my life; otherwise I would have not been the person I’m today.
I’m here, better than before, stronger than ever.

Who I was earlier?

A person who was overly trusting.
A person who was not able to distinguish between “real people.”
A person who respected everyone knowingly that they don’t deserve it.
A person who deliberately gave people “second chances” when it was not required.
A person with a fragile mind and a vulnerable soul.

Who was he earlier?

A hypocrite, a coward, a lier.
Who does not respect women.
Who was arrogant of being “a man.”
Who was selfish.
Who was a fraud.
Who was proud of his masculinity.

How’s he now?

Not fully aware of his condition of where is he living but all I know is that, “he’s not happy.”

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