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Hostel Life.#1

Hostel life is probably the best time you spend in your life. You get to learn a totally new aspect of your life. I never knew  what  it would be like living in a hostel, sharing  room with strangers, eating food on specific time, and studying  with all the mess in mind. But the experience  I  had so far is good. It all happened  because of the friendly environment  and kind and caring seniors who made us calm and helped  us to get adjust in a hostel.
Every night, they sit around a fountain in the garden outside our room with  cups of tea and biscuits, and share their  stories that how much time they took to get adjust. They motivate us through their experiences. We’re lucky we get the best seniors. Then we play ludo, ono and play the music. That’s  how our time pass in a hostel help us to get out of the serious boredom attacks we get especially at night after 8 pm.That’s  when our seniors help us to feel homely atmosphere.
But the best thing about being a hostelite is that a person becomes disciplined  and responsible since you have to do everything  on your own from waking up at an alarm to eating , sleeping, and studying  at specific times. This everyday practice makes a person perfect.
As of our routine so here it is: We wake up at 6, since the breakfast’s timing is from 7 to 8. Then we rush to our rooms to get dressed  and go to attend classes at least five minutes before the class as corridors are so confusing; every department  is same constructed with red bricks, so it takes time to actually get to the ‘right’ class. 😀 After attending a class, we manage our time as to come back  to the hostel  for lunch since its timing is from 12:30 pm. to 2:30 pm. Mostly our classes end at 11 am. 2:30 pm or 4 pm. Then we come back to our rooms, get fresh, take bath, do prayer, and take a nap. At 4 pm. we go to mess for tea and snacks. This is the best time since I get to have tea and get relaxed. 😁 At 4:30 we leave the mess and go out to the lush green grounds with beautiful emerald green trees for a walk. In doing  so, we chatt and gossip. Thus, after this serious  session of gossiping, we come back to our hostel room, do prayer, make assignment if any, do video call or a voice call to our families and then get relaxed and wander in  corridors, go to senior’s rooms, do chatt, and come back to a mess at 7 pm for a dinner. At 8 pm.we go to our hostel coordinator’s office for our attendance. After 8:10 we become  free to chill and relax.
To be continued…


Sleeping is nice.You forget about everything for a little while.

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