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Hostel Life #2

My Hostel Routine. #hostel life 1

ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  HOSTEL SERIES, #2:

The most boring time of the day in a hostel is after 8:00 pm. There is no one around you who is actually yours: your mother, father, siblings, childhood friends, there is no one to make you laugh, or encourage you to get up and relax. No one cares about you and your emotions. You have to live entirely and wholly on your own withoutย  the supervision of any elder (except the hostel coordinator). You willย  not see your mother holding a cup of tea for you and rushing here andย  there to make sure you eat well and drink well; there’s no one to look after you or protectย  you from the *evils* exceptย  Almighty, there’s no one standingย  outsideย  a door, waiting for you to come back from college, there’s no oneย to ask you, ‘how was your day?’, there’sย  no one to see your face and ask you, ‘Is everything ok? Why are you lookingย  upset?’, there’s no one to ask you, ‘Whyย  did you eat less? Do you need one more chapatti or some more rice or curry?’ In a nutshell, you are of no value for anyone except you and your family. Everyone caresย  aboutย  themselves which is fair enough. It is whatย  it is.!

Hostel transforms the personality of a person. It changes you to a whole new level. Youย  get to meet differentย  people from differentย  backgrounds and with differentย  mindsets. It’sย  very difficultย  to get adjust in such environment especiallyย  whenย  yourย  guardians are not there around youย  all the time. That’sย  when a person learns to be strong, independent, and smart. As a hostelite, youย  face a lot of problems, sometimes which are not explainable but gradually, with time you not onlyย  learn to deal with such problems but become prone to such problems.

To be continued…



Sleeping is nice.You forget about everything for a little while.

4 thoughts on “Hostel Life #2

  1. This is life and that will make you bullheaded which ultimately makes everybody survivor that leads to success <3…so chill and be a fighter and that's what I know you are!!!

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