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Hostel Life #3

So the problems we face as a hostelite are countless. Our  days starts at 6 a.m. with us rushing  towards the common  washroom  to get the *first, first* washroom because the chances of lizard lying there are less.😂😂 Then we quickly  brush our teeth, get fresh, and rush  towards  the sharing unit, called a mess. The breakfast due to which we rushed, and struggled is just a fried egg, two breads, a butter, a jam, and ofcourse a tea. (I’ll make a post on the *menu for a week*).

The time we take to eat breakfast depends on the timings of our classes. Let’s  say, if we have a class at 8 a.m., then we complete our breakfast by 7:30-40 a.m.  and rushed towards  our respective  rooms to get dressed  for a class. But if we have a class at,  say 9:30 or 11:00 or 2:30 pm., then that the ideal situation  for us to sit at mess, get relaxed,  eat slowly, and chatt non-stop 😂 As I’ve  mentioned in my first post of the hostel series #1   that there are specific timings for breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner, so we’re  not allowed to sit in a mess after that specific  time.

After taking  classes, we rush towards  the canteen for a slush. The only thing  I prefer having in this hot weather and hectic, and tiring day is a cold slush especially with the  blueberry and black current mixed; It’s so yummy. I like lychee too. After that, we come to hostel for a lunch, take bath, get fresh, do prayer, and go to sleep till 4 p.m. At 4 p.m. we co.e again come to mess  for tea and snacks. This time, while I’m  having a tea, is my most favourite  part of the day. After having tea, we do our assignment, and whatever  work we have and after dinner at 8 pm. we chill and relax. We play games, do chatt with  our seniors, do prayer, set alarm,  ad go to sleep till 6 a.m.