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Hostel Life #4

In this part of the series, I’ll mention  the blessings I got by being a hostelite.  I’m so blessed to have admitted in the best university I can imagine. It is like a  dream come true. All thanks to Almighty for showering me with so much of everything.

So here are the things I enjoy being a hostelite:

  1. Getting up early in the morning.
  2. Taking proper breakfast, on time.
  3. Being punctual.
  4. Having whatever lunch or dinner is made without any tantrums. Though I’ve an option to order food but there’s a sense of responsibility that this is my budget and I’ve to deal accordingly. (But still I ordered twice or thrice😂😂)
  5. Walking in the lush, emerald  green grounds.
  6.  Sitting around a water fountain.
  7. Rushing towards the coordinator’s office for attendance at sharp 8 pm. and the chatt we have with her during that 1, 2 minutes is one of the best part of the day.
  8. Roaming around the hostel but only till 9 pm.
  9. Going to senior’s rooms.
  10. Playing ludo and uno.
  11. Chatting with the different people from different backgrounds
  12. Watching the matches. (My university promotes sports very much and is best known for the annual sports days.)
  13. Having tea at 4 pm.
  14. Thinking of the snacks or food we get in the mess. That curiosity has it’s own charm. 😁
  15. Playing loud music on weekends.
  16. Setting alarms. 😂😂
  17. Taking handwash out of the cupboards ever time I go to washroom. It’s funny but it’s what it is.
  18. Going to the ‘big tree’ for free WiFi. (My university have this very old, big tree around which we sit and enjoy at night but only till 9 pm as after this time gates are closed.)
  19. Gossiping with roomates.
  20. Sharing stories of our experiences with other hostelites.

Here are the pictures of my Hostel/University:



Sleeping is nice.You forget about everything for a little while.

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