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Hostel Life #5

Home sickness is an obvious thing when you are a hostelite, living with strangers. Nothing makes you feel good or relaxed when everyone around you is either fake or obliviant to whatever happens to you. I agree that not everyone is fake but it is true that no-one is your really good *friend.* If someone talks to you politely, it does not mean that they are honest with you. It’s an advice for everyone who willย  go to hostel that, ‘DO NOT ATTACH EMOTIONS WITH ANYONE. DON’T DEPEND ON ANYONE. LEARN TO ENJOY ALONE. NEVER LOOK OUTย  FOR ANYONE TO TALK TO YOU OR TO MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD. RATHER, TALK TO YOUR FAMILY, AND CLOSE CHILDHOOD FRIENDS, ONLY. THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES ON WHOM YOU CAN TRUST. NEVER SHARE YOUR SECRETS WITH ANYONE. DON’T TRUST PEOPLE EASILY. NEVER CHANGE YOURSELF BY LOOKING AT SOMEONE BECAUSE YOU WILL GET TO MEET ALOT OF DIFFERENT PEOPLE WITH DIFFERENT BACKGROUNDS. IT’S NOT GOOD FOR YOU TO COPY SOMEONE’S STYLE OR WAY OF LIVING. DON’T WASTE YOUR ENERGY IN MAKING GRUDGES. RATHER, FOCUS ON YOUR STUDIES; KEEP IN MIND THE PURPOSE OF YOUR STAY AT HOSTEL. BE HONEST WITH ALMIGHTY AND YOUR PARENTS.’

If you don’t get my point so just focus on the simple phenomena: ‘BE KIND, BE CARING, BE GOOD, BE SENSIBLE.’ That’s all.!

Before you get bored, let me tell you the lighter side of living in a hostel. If you’re lucky enough to have good and honest roomates, your life will become heaven. You’ll enjoy with them, do combine studies, and have fun with them. I’m blessed to have very friendly roomates. We enjoy alot. Like yesterday, it was Friday, we took lectures, got freed, it started rain, we played ludo, talked, played songs, went to a mess, ate cake rusk with tea, came back, decorated our room with fairy lights, invited seniors to look at our room, chatted with them, ordered cheese rolls, watched a movie, and went to sleep. It was so much fun. Hoping to have a great weekend. Wishing you all the same. Xoxo๐Ÿ’•

Here’s the pictures of our room.