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Your Heart Knows Things That Your Mind Can’t Explain.!

Go where the heart takes you
Heart never lies
It tells you something which you truly feels and want to do.

The voice of heart is the voice of your hidden self
The voice you fear to say on your own
It tells you your feeling that stays inside you, that was born to be spoken but remain unspoken because you fear to tell the world what you think.

Heart is like an old mirror table placed in a dusty store room
The dust covers it everyday and you removed it everyday just to make sure that it is still new and presentable
But everyday you enter the room and see the dusty table which reminds you that it is not what you think, it is not in your hands; dust will come and make it look ugly.

Heart similarly gets full of dust and everyday you tries to remove it
But with each passing day you realize that it is not in your hands to keep your heart away from this dust
But it is what life is and it is what it is.

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