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Hostel Life #6

Life Lessons: What Hostel Life Looks Like?: What it teaches you?: What type of people you meet in a hostel?:Β 

There are certain THINGS in life that makes you feel like you’ve changed when you’re not but want to.

There are certain PEOPLE in life whom you meet and feel like they’re not the type of people you are or they’re not good for you.

Sometimes you meet the ones who’re of your type but not YOU. They don’t have the heart, emotions, and mindset like you.

There are certain situations where you feel like you’re DONE with life. You no more wants to live but the second moment you feel scared of death.

Sometimes you feel like, I don’t want to talk to ANYONE. Everyone seems so bad and fake as if they’re against you and wishes the bad for you.

Sometimes you cares for everyone. Everyone seems so good and kind as if they’re your BESTIES. You chat with them and do fun with them. However, the next morning you feel like there exist no one like them. They passed by you you as if they never met you.

This is what HOSTEL is. Here you learn what LIFE is.