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I cared for you
Ignored everyone around me
Became indifferent to others
Never tried to make another friend

You mattered the most to me
Your likes became my likes
Your dislikes became my dislikes
Your enemies became my enemies
Your friends became my friends

Adopted your way of talking
Adopted your dressing style
Adopted your way of living
Admired you for who you were
Accepted you the way you were

Never complained you everytime you yelled at me
Always initiated conversations
Always apologised first
Just to be with you, to be your friend

I gave my 100% to you, to our friendship
But what you did to me?
You broke my heart
You were never my friend
You always pretended
Infact you never faked it
I didn’t understand you

I trusted you blindly
I never considered you wrong
I never wanted to loose you
But you didn’t deserve me
I never imagined you to be that bad
My heart never accepted that, my brain always did.
You were not my friend
You were fake.



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Sleeping is nice.You forget about everything for a little while.

2 thoughts on “Faker.!

    1. Aww.😚 that’s so sweet.πŸ’–
      Thank God I never experienced such thing. It’s just based on the observation and people I’ve met who’ve gone through such phases. I thought I should write it down in this way.
      I hope you liked it.


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