On this Women’s Day I dedicate this to all the housewives who are struggling from such problems. It’s for your motivation to speak up for your rights because if you don’t then no one will come and speak up for you not even your closest ones; because they fear that if you’ll stand for your right, you might get seperated and will go back to them.
If you feel that I’m not in a position to defend my rights, don’t feel that. Don’t worry about the aftereffects because what is in your destiny will come to you and what’s not will not ever touch you.
Have faith and be strong; We, women are stronger.! Show your potentials.
Happy Women’s Day to every women out there. Celebrate your day to the fullest.!


We live in a society where it is traditional for a man to make a proposal to the girl.Asks her if she is ready to marry him.A girl, with the consent of her family, accepts his proposal.Then they both get married.A girl is then exposed to a whole new life which is the exact opposite of the life she has in her dreams.A life full of responsibilities where a man leaves his wife to worry about things that do not even matter for the marriage to go well but just satisfies his ego.

A man leaves his wife to look after his kids.Leave her to look after his house.Leave her to attend his family members in the best possible manner.Leave her to worry about what to cook.Leave her to iron his clothes without any creases.Leave her to be up early in the morning so that he do not get late…

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