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The Ladder of Life.!

At some point in a life, you may feel that it is something or someone you’ve been looking for. However, some scenarios convince you to alter your thoughts and you come back to a point where you trusted no one and invested into someone the least.

Life and our encounter with people is like climbing up a ladder and coming back to the first step.

Someday you meet a person, talk to him/her, spend time, and become friends. You climb each step of a ladder by gradually giving your care, trust, and love to that person. In doing so, you trip, you step back, make slower movements, but still gather your courage and trust and climb to the top.

After certain time, situations forced you to lessen your care and with hurtful changing behaviours of that person, your trust looses and love diminishes. You come back to the first step waiting and hoping to climb up again.

It is what it is and it is called a ‘life.’- ‘The Ladder of Life.’

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