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Love is not only a feeling to be felt!

Being bad but honest is far better than being good but a liar!

It’s my belief that every relationship be it a friendship, a marriage or any relation all requires a commitment, devotion, care, conviction, determination, respect, honesty, tolerance and this all rolled up into one emotion called love.
Love is not only a feeling to be felt; it’s a process of doing everything mentioned above practically that ensures you as an individual who do efforts to be with that friend, wife, husband, sibling or anyone closed to you. If you’ve gone and still going through this unending process and pragmatism of showing your concern for that individual only then you’re in a position to say that I’m in love with that person. Otherwise, there’s no right to claim your love for someone because that’ll be like giving that person the hope and making him or her expect care and everything from you which you’ll definitely will not be able to give because you only say it, you didn’t mean it.
However, living upto someone’s expectations doesn’t comes under the loop of love as this is practically difficult for anyone because every person has his or her own journey that has developed his nature and attitude. Thus, expecting everything good from the person in love is unfair.
In a nutsehell, love doesn’t require you to become selfish but selfless.

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Sleeping is nice.You forget about everything for a little while.

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