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Over empathizing can be toxic sometimes !

You will be in their shoes
However, they might never be in yours
The world is selfish
Never over empathize
Keep some energy for yourselves
Maintain the sense of individuality
Do not find your happiness in someone else’s happiness
Learn to treat yourself by yourself
You know better what you want the most
No one else would never know that
It’s not their fault
You’re the one to be blamed for
Who told you to put on them the responsibility of giving you the bliss
It’s like burdening another person
No one can fulfill this duty for a very long time
It is fair, it is acceptable
You, yourself would never be able to do that for your loved ones or even for your own self
One cannot please another person 24/7
The quicker you understand this, the lesser your pain becomes.

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Sleeping is nice.You forget about everything for a little while.

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