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Time to reflect upon our deeds ! #COVID’19

The world is at its peak of ignorance even in the chronic time of corona virus which is affecting and has affected trillions of people around the world. It is the time to look upon the sins and wrongs we have done the entire life. We have and must have the consideration of us being humans and that we are somehow become or do things that somehow become sins and we later regret on those things. We have been given the leniency just because we are humans and are not obliged or expected to be perfect. However, the corona virus and the consequences it has bring with itself is the reminder from Almighty that HE is looking upon our β€˜doings’ and that HE is not pleased with what we’re doing by making excuses of us being humans. It is now the time to change ourselves and apologize Him for all the sins because He is ALL MAGNIFICENT, ALL FORGIVING AND THE MOST LOVING.

I seek a heartiest apology on behalf of every individual and on behalf of all those who are suffering from these hard times of corona and on behalf of those who could not ask for forgiveness out of remorse and on behalf of all those who wanted to change themselves but are not given the guidance; I ASK FOR FORGIVENESS, ALMIGHTY FORGIVE US, PARDON US, WE ARE ASHAMED OF OUR DEEDS, WE ARE INDEED.! PLEASE BE PLEASED WITH US WE NEED YOU, WE BELONG TO YOU, WE LOVE YOU, WE SURELY AND WHOLLY DO !

I hope and pray Almighty help us get out of these days and protect us from the deadly corona virus and will surely bless us with happiest days.

//Better days are coming soon.!//Β 


Jannat xxx


Sleeping is nice.You forget about everything for a little while.

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