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Soul imbibing rare blossoms of life!

The leaves stirring through each space you decide to stroll onΒ 

Winds whirling all around the encompassed areaΒ 

The rose scent, that subtle mumbling of old tunesΒ 

Blooming a soul wherein empty haziness has invaded territories of all sortΒ 

Offering life to the unlived spaces


Posted in My Words. πŸ“

11:30 p.m.

The people’s words, the consequent claims, the ironically contradictory actions plus our vulnerably, sensitively, sentimental heart pulls us back to making the same mistake over and over gain; the mistake to trust people, the mistake to blame one self, the mistake to self loathe, the mistake to doubt one’s feelings, the mistake to ignore inner voices, the mistake to follow paths guided by the emotionally fragile heart and self!