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I Know You’re Strong. I Know You’re Beautiful!

You are everything and anything that you believe and dream off. You are strong, you’re beautiful, you’re charming, you’re confident, you’re smart, you’re all that you cherish and you’re all that you think you’re not.

Do you remember the days when you couldn’t sleep because of the traumatic hours that you spent and the screams you had confronted agonisingly disturbing your peace of mind.

Do you remember how did you wake up the next morning, all stressed up from within but carried on with the day’s chores with a heart wrenchingly made up facade that for even a second didn’t reveal the grief you had to the world around.
Do you remember the pain you had suffered, the taunts you had endured and the mind games bitches played and yet you stood up and carried on with your responsibilities yet being in state of vacantly hollow bliss and meaningless dry smiles you used as a tool to avoid the probing questions people would have asked.

Do you remember the time when you were left with unsaid complains and unexplainable reasons to justify why person owe you an apology and yet you survived those gut wrenching phases of flashbacks reminding you of the obviously legit true reasons yet you were defenseless not being able advocate your emotions.

Do you remember the days when your friends unveiled their true selves and you were left with a state of numbness and yet you geared up your broken self all over again – still healing – finding reasons for those blank moments

Do you remember the days when you were sure to get a win and failed. Do you remember the pain from which you started everything from the scratch just like you’d have prepared an assignment one more time that got deleted before you could save it due the error and yet you aced it.

Just recall all those moments that you thought you couldn’t have survived and yet you survived.

If you’ve managed everything that’s been mentioned or anything more horrendous than this, and yet you’re here, confident and courageous enough, reading this post – I SALUTE YOU – I RESPECT YOU – I ADORE YOU!