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I wanna make myself proud

I wanna do it, I wanna do it all

I wanna touch, I wanna touch the sky

I wanna make it happen, make it happen

I wanna do the wonders

I wanna make mama proud

I wanna see the tears of joy

I wanna see her smile

I wanna try every time I’ll fall

I wanna climb all those stairs of success

that I’ve dreamt under my pillow

I wanna be the star

that I’ve promised my teddy pillow

I’ wanna trip, I’ll prolly mess up

But I wanna try again

I wanna fall

but I wanna run too, I wanna be in the race

I wanna fail

but I wanna get up and catch on the luck’s sale

I wanna do it, I wanna do it all

I wanna make it happen, I wanna make people awe

I will try

I will fall

but I’ll get up

and I will touch the sky

I will set the standards

I’ll make a history

I wanna be read

I wanna be told

I wanna be remembered

I wanna be an iodol

I wanna be lived

even after death!

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Good days are yet to come!

Hoping for days where sparrows chirps makes me dance all over again

Waiting for days where orange skyline, dusk times excites me like they used to at one point in time

Looking for days where rain drops makes me look up into the sky like a dreamer chasing the dreams

Wishing for days where blooming flowers makes me capture my moments with spring borns.

Looking forward to all those days where making me happy was a lot easier, where laughters were really hearty, where smiles were spontenous, where heart trouble was less, where sadness was non existent, where satisfying, fulfulling was much easier, unlike today

Waiting, hoping, wanting the better days to come, to start a new!

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Life’s struggles!

The dove mornings with stomach cramps

After those cramped up nights on grey couch

Finding answers to heart rending moments

Moments that keeps on adding to life’s routine

Why am I chosen for such hurting life

Is there any test I’m supposed to pass

But how long it’ll take to end the misery

What grade I need to pass it all, end it all for forever

Is this possible to get through this

Am I doing it all right

Or is just a life’s struggle

We’re all required to suffer!

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Pain πŸ₯€

Those screams of cowardly hopeless soul

The tears of brutally broken self

Begs life to alter the side of story

Begs life to colour the faded canvas

Begs life to mark stops to the gut wrenching climax

Begs life to gift life! πŸ₯€πŸ’«