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A backstory! #mydebutbook

HELLO Everyone! I really hope you all are doing great.

I’m really excited to inform that I’ve published my first ever book. Be Your Own Paradise is really special and will always be.

A little backstory!

I was really shy and always feared to write things down but there was a time when I felt the need to get things off the chest. There was nobody I could converse with or if there was, I was too shy to even consider sharing things up. That was the time, 2017 September when I started off writing. This book is an assortment of my experiences, observations, challenges and life lessons. Each expression and every single word of this book has a sentiment connected to it. ​I really hope people to connect through it 

If you wanna know the answer to why and how humans feel the way they feel and if you wanna enjoy the 7 emotions humans manage to wear in their lifetime, you must read this book. You can get your copy by simply clicking on the link below:

“Be Your Own Paradise” by Jannat Amjad




Sleeping is nice.You forget about everything for a little while.

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