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RDP Thursday – Destiny

Here’s my take on RagRag daily prompt!

Today’s word: Destiny

In a world of uncertainties where nobody knows the inch of what destiny holds for self, we live through fears of unknown by fancying about ‘what’s next.’ The only survival mechanism humans rely upon! Hollow yet fulfilling.

// Jannat Amjad

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A Dialogue

A Must Read! #reblogs

The Author's Mission

β€œA Dialogue” by BR Chitwood

Our chat had been friendly and neighborly for some time as we shared a libation. He had come to welcome me to the area, I thought. Or, was it to check me out, to delve more deeply into the kind of person I was?

β€œWhat kind of books do you write?” he ultimately asked, eyeing the few books I had in the den.

β€œFiction, mostly, crime novels – some inspired by true cases, romance novels, memoirs, and one government rant and rave.”

β€œYou seem pretty much removed from that kind of writing. I mean, you mentioned faith! Figure you to be writing about God and Religion.” He seemed almost smirking.

β€œWhy people do what they do interests me…so I write about evil, love, romance, mayhem, murder, and level it all out with politics. I try to keep my language fairly clean.”

β€œYes, I’m sure…

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