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A Dialogue

A Must Read! #reblogs

The Author's Mission

β€œA Dialogue” by BR Chitwood

Our chat had been friendly and neighborly for some time as we shared a libation. He had come to welcome me to the area, I thought. Or, was it to check me out, to delve more deeply into the kind of person I was?

β€œWhat kind of books do you write?” he ultimately asked, eyeing the few books I had in the den.

β€œFiction, mostly, crime novels – some inspired by true cases, romance novels, memoirs, and one government rant and rave.”

β€œYou seem pretty much removed from that kind of writing. I mean, you mentioned faith! Figure you to be writing about God and Religion.” He seemed almost smirking.

β€œWhy people do what they do interests me…so I write about evil, love, romance, mayhem, murder, and level it all out with politics. I try to keep my language fairly clean.”

β€œYes, I’m sure…

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Sleeping is nice.You forget about everything for a little while.

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