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Sadje asks, ‘When does it all start to really matter?

My answer to this question is as follows:

It all really starts to matter when you figure out the purpose and goal of living, what you want to achieve, why you want to get to a certain point and it all starts to matter when you sense circumstances you’re befallen with, the urge to drag oneself out from those phases lays foundation to set goals, the chase to those dreams and notions makes it all really important and that’s when things really start to matter.

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RDP Monday- Solar

Here’s my take on RagRag daily prompt!

Today’s word: Solar

Those candlelit nights of hollow reminiscences

That intrusion of forcefull solace

Left Ella with an unexplainable pain

Darkness killing her from inside like a silent cancer

The numb wish of warmth emerging from those solar rays wander her brain

The only affection she could felt in those times of loneliness

// Jannat Amjad