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North ends

It is better not to verbalize the distance and better to practice it if needed. Even if you don’t want to. If it’s meant for you stay apart, it’s never be erased from your book of destiny.

Maturity is to accept it and allow yourself to grow while finding spheres worthy of your association. It’s not going to be easy and simple as it sounds, it’s going to dip you into darkest of the zones, drench you into holes of grief shades, drains you to unbearable extremes and dives you into endless emotional seesaws. But it’s all going to lead you to the north ends of spectrum starring peace and light.

If not this, it’s going to lead you somewhere where you’ll find bliss even if nothing makes sense, where rationale fails and brain heart fight stops. Where you not need to invest your mental capacity into thinking whether you’re doing wrong or the associate finds it hurting. Where you not need to invest your peace into thinking about how you can be a better associate and where you not need to invest your efforts to reiterate the worth you should be given as an associate where you will be owned and flaunted without asking.

It is definitely gonna lead you to your fantasies of wordly associations.


Sleeping is nice.You forget about everything for a little while.

10 thoughts on “North ends

  1. I have read this three times. Parts of it make sense, but the word โ€œassociateโ€ is throwing me off. Is this in reference to every relationship, or only work ones?


    1. It refers to a partner, a mate, a person you’re in association with. It’s used in reference to the partnership, companionship, friendships, relationships etc


      1. It makes perfect sense. Iโ€™m sorry I got confused, that was on me as my brain was conflicted by the meaning. As for what you wrote, it is poignant and stands true. And it is hard and dark sometimes, but at the end of the tunnel there is light. Thank you.

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      2. I really appreciate the interest that you’ve shown and asked that query. It made me happiest; it felt as my piece got recognized and somebody genuinely wanted to get hold of the meaning behind it. And yes, you’re right, there’s always a day after a night! Cheers. xx


      3. Iโ€™m really happy that my difficulty comprehending didnโ€™t offend you. Many people get upset at me when I get confused as to a words meaning in context to a piece. Iโ€™m truly grateful you did not! I enjoyed the piece, and people do read your work. They just donโ€™t always comment. There is light, but there is also much stumbling in the dark. But itโ€™s worth not having poison surround you

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      4. Yes! It absolutely did not offend me. And you are always more than welcome to ask up any question or query that confuses you; I’ll try to justify my piece everytime you’ll ask because I love when people ask questions to understand the gist of my piece. And THANK YOU SO MUCH for those encouraging words. Means the world to me. And yes, you said it all. Temporary darkness far better than sobbing everyday for something one can change by altering the choices.


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