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What goes around, comes around

And then she surrendered
Did what she was scared of doing
Happened what she never wanted
All blames to be put on her
No blame games accepted
Because no one asked to do what she did
Perceptions differed
Thoughts contradicted
Vibes mismatched
Chaos created
No courage left to ask questions
No obligations to answer doubts
Distance came in
Though love existed
Self conflicts ruled over everything
The heart weeped out of unexplainable yet painfully upsetting flashbacks
No regrets over the decisions made
And then pointless to ask for what and why things went the way they’ve gone
Yet it teases, it hurts
Yet she’s bound to accept
Bound to surrender to unpleasant happenings
Yes to life’s another challenge
Yes to another test of patience
Yes to welcome the chaos she once created for others
Yes to karma, yes to karma!

// Jannat


Sleeping is nice.You forget about everything for a little while.

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