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Cherished moments!

Cheers to the days of blossoming bliss of being understood and recognised. Cheers to all those moments of togetherness where fragrances of affection, care and love was shared. Cheers to every second of feeling sentiments of being mine!


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Toxic bond!

And then they say you did not cater to sentiments of their grief-stricken sorrows when they had no idea that you were the only one who actually noticed them being sad and tried every way to make them feel better. They failed to understand that you were the only one who never made them guilty of whatever they did. You never played victim but always gave them margins by self blaming on every shit. Yet they say, you did not cater to their torment that too caused by one’s they considered their beloved. Isn’t it the most pathetically toxic bond one could ever have?

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Margins of being human!

No one on this planet would understand the cancer of violence you went through, the abyss of pain, immeasurably deep gulf of emotions and hurt you endured while figuring things out for yourself and others around you. There’s no one who would try to comprehend the reasons behind the violent character one possess. There’s no one in this entire universe who would understand the grief of being misunderstood. That’s unfairly fair to others while being fairly unfair to your expectations of them.