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Facts about Pakistan’s national flag!

The national flag of Islamic Republic of Pakistan

August 14, 2022 marks the 75th Independence Day of Pakistan.

Here I provide some information on Pakistan’s stunning flag for individuals who are interested in learning more about this incredible flag:

▪︎ The green color represents Islam and Musliam majority in Pakistan.

▪︎ The white color represents the religious minorities as a gesture of respect and regard

▪︎ The flag of Pakistan represents the peaceful coexistence of Muslims and diverse minorities as well as unity and fraternity.

▪︎ The five rayed star symbolizes light and knowledge

▪︎ The crescent moon indicates the progress

▪︎ Syed Amir uddin Kedwaii designed the Pakistan’s national flag, which was modelled after the original flag of the All India Muslim League, the first Muslim political party

▪︎ The flag was subsequently approved by the constituent assembly on August 11, 1947, three days before Pakistan was founded. To represent minorities in the area, a white stripe was added to the flag

▪︎ Pakistan’s national anthem uses the Urdu phrase Parcham-e-Sitra-o-Hill to allude to the flag (lit. Flag of the Crescent and Star)

▪︎ The national flag is flown at half-mast on the death anniversaries of the Founder and first Governor General of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Iqbal, the South Asian Muslim writer, philosopher, and a politician, and Pakistan’s first Prime Minister, Liaquat Ali Khan.

▪︎ The flag is also flown on Pakistan Day and Independence Day

■ Some protocols that are observed while hoisting the national flag of Pakistan:

▪︎ Must never touch the ground
▪︎ It must be raised at dawn and lowered at dusk
▪︎ Must be tied to the left when hoisted
▪︎ The star and crescent should always towards right while hoisting
▪︎ There should be no marks on it
▪︎ All uniformed personnel are instructed to salute whemever the national flag is raised
▪︎ It must never be set on fire on trampled upon
▪︎ If displayed horizontally, the white bar must always be at the left
▪︎ If displayed vertically, the white bar should always be at the top
▪︎ When flown at night, it must always be illuminated

■ The world records:

▪︎ The largest flag of Pakistan was constructed by Nawab Siraj Raisani, who set a world record for it on August 14 of last year.

▪︎ Mastung to Quetta was the length of Pakistan’s largest flag.

▪︎ At the National Hockey Stadium in Lahore in February 2014, Pakistan also set a new Guinness World Record for the largest human flag.

■ Some other facts:

▪︎ Never should the Pakistani flag be taken down or buried in a grave.

▪︎ Detach the flag and keep it above the grave when burying a Shaheed and lowering a casket with a flag on it.

▪︎ The Pakistani flag is flown at the same level as other nations’ flags at the United Nations.

▪︎ It must be permitted to fly freely and tied from the left side of the mast at all times.

▪︎ The Pakistani flag is held in such high regard and honour that it should never touch or fall to the ground.

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Specialities Of Pakistan.

Speciality of a city of a specific place, for cities do have something special to present to other. It is a special item that becomes their identity.  Speciality is something that a city takes pride in. It could be anything from a needle to a pencil and from a dress to a food item. Outsiders buy these items particularly whenever they visit that city and proudly present such items to their friends and family as a token of love and affection. Pakistani cities are also famous for their special attractions, called “Soghat”. Some of the famous things about certain cities of Pakistan are:

Peace of Islamabad

It is the capital city of Pakistan. This beautiful green city is famous for its peacefulness. People visiting from Karachi and Lahore love this city and its calm and clean surroundings.


Liveliness of Lahoris

Lahore is popular for the liveliness of its people. People in Lahore are the most Zinda dill and liveliest of all. They live each and every moment to its fullest and are very optimistic and hospitable.images (3)

Chakwali Rewari

Rewari is made up of desi ghee and sesame and is a well-known sweet in Pakistan. Chakwal is famous for producing the best Rewaris, which are known as Pehalwan Rewari.

images (4)
Rewri is crisp toffee like dessert made from jaggery or sugar with coating of sesame seeds. Rewri is also often consumed as a tea time snack

Peshawari Chappal

The capital of KPK, Peshawar is very popular for the manufacturing of Chappal (Sandals). Handmade leather sandals are prepared here which are undoubtedly more durable than other machine made sandals.sg12-700x420.png

Biryani of Karachi

Karachi is the capital city of Sindh province. It is known as the ‘city of lights’. This city has a lot of specialties but the most popular specialty of Karachi is its Biryani. It’s tasty and spicy Biryani is popular all over the country.

Biryani is a rice dish, prepared with an uber delicious green masala consisting of cilantro/coriander leaves and warm spices. It is hearty, wholesome, aromatic and just what you need for a satisfying meal!

Khanpuri Paira

It is a district of Raheemyar Khan and is very well known for its irresistible sweets, khoya and paira.

Paira is a lovely sweet recipe, made by milk, sugar and dry fruits. Khanpuri pairay are realky a tasty and well known sweet dish that is sent as a present on different occasions, events and festivals. Guests usually arrive in Pakistan with such type of sweet gifts

Dry Fruits of Quetta

Quetta is the capital of Balochistan province. It is famous for the production and export of high-quality dry fruits.images (3)

Sports and Surgical Items of Sialkot

Sialkot is very popular for the production of world’s best sports goods and surgical equipment. It produces cricket bats, hockey, balls etc. These are exported all over the world. Even in FIFA, the football used was made in Sialkot, which makes every Pakistani proud.images (4)

Pottery of Gujrat

Gujrat is well known for its beautiful pottery. It’s clay pots were used to set world records in the past. This city is also famous for furniture and fans.images (8)799892-Ccopy-1417370341-660-640x480

Sohan Halwa of Multan

Everyone who visits Multan brings back with him this scrumptious halwa known as Sohan Halwa. It is made from dry fruits and desi ghee.images (9)

Faisalabad Textile

Faisalabad is very popular for producing best quality clothes and garments. This city has huge textile mills which produce high-quality textile, not only for the country but also for exporting abroad.images (10)Machines-textiles-LinMot

Pickles of Hyderabad

Hyderabad, the city of Sindh is very well known for producing fine taste pickles which are famous all over Pakistan.images (15)

Mianwali Khussa

Mianwali is a city of Punjab which is famous for its Khussa production. Khussa is a footwear which is worn by Indo-Pak people. Mianwali is popular for producing high quality and durable khussa.images (14)unnamedunnamed (1)unnamed (3)

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Some Places in Pakistan That Left You In AWE

Pakistan have worlds most beautiful places for visit, specially at its best in northern areas of Pakistan and Kashmir region. This part of the country is famous all around the world because of sky high mountains, lush green valleys, mighty rivers, beautiful lakes, and amazing wildlife. There are many best camping sites in Pakistan where tourist can enjoy hiking and camping.

Pakistan is a country where you can enjoy four seasons. You can enjoy a cool, dry winter from December through February; a hot, dry spring from March through May; the summer rainy season, or southwest monsoon period, from June through September; and the retreating monsoon period of October and November.

So Pakistan is a must visit country. There are so many beautiful places like there’s a  Pradise on Earth ‘Neelum Valley’ Mini Switzerland ‘Swat Valley’ and Mountain Kingdom ‘Hunza valley’. All these places are real natural beauty of the world.

1. Neelum Valley

Neelam Valley is a 144 km long bow-shaped valley in Azad Kashmir Region. The Valley is situated at the North & North-East of Muzaffarabad (The Capital of Azad Kashmir). Running through the Lesser Himalaya, the Neelam River valley has excellent scenic beauty, panoramic views, towering hills on both sides of the noisy Neelum river, lush green forests, enchanting streams and attractive surroundings make the valley a dream come true.images (14)

Neelum valley is one of most attractive place for tourists due to its famous lush greenery, springs, streams, lakes and hilly and sloppy mountains. Some of its famous places like Athmuqam, Kutton Jagran, Karen, Neelum, Ratti Galli, Baboon, Noori top, Sharda, Sharda Fort, Sharda University (The Oldest University of Sub-Continent) Kel, Surgon, Halmet, Taobut and many more.images (16)images (15)images (17)

2. Hunza Valley

The Hunza is a mountainous valley in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. The Hunza is situated in the extreme northern part of Pakistan.

Hunza borders with the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan and the Xinjiang region of China. It was formerly a princely state. The Hunza valley is situated north/west of the Hunza River, at an elevation of around 2,500 metres. The Valley has three Regions – Upper Hunza (Gojal); Center Hunza and Lower Hunza.images (18)

Hunza valley is the most beautiful place to visit and have many places to see. Some of these beautiful places are. Rakaposhi Base Camp; Diran Base Camp; Hoper Glacier; Passue and Gulmit; Khunjrab Pass; Atta Abad lake and Nagar valley.images (21)

The local languages spoken include Burushaski, Wakhi and Shina. The literacy rate of the Hunza valley is believed to be more than 90%. Almost every child is educated up to at least high school level. The lifestyle of people of Hunza is very simple and they are considered to be very warm and welcoming.

Spring in Hunza


images (20)
Shimshal lake

images (19)
Autumn in Hunza Valley

Gojal Valley: 567d1d027a917.jpg


3. Shandur Pas

Shandur – The Highest Polo Ground on Earth, is about 3738 meter an above sea level and lies midway between Chitral and Gilgit. Each summer a hug event called the Shandur polo festival is organized here, which is a big source of attraction for the tourists. Different come against each other in this freestyle contest. The pass is generally unpopulated and passing through its snow covered slopes in winters is an exceptionally difficult adventure. The polo ground is about 168 Km from the main town Chitral and accessible by jeep. The road is closed during winter due to heavy snow.shandur-Pas-608x456images (2)

4.Hingol National Park

images (3)

Hingol National Park is the largest National Park in Pakistan with approximately 1,650 km² in area. It was established in 1988. The park lies on the Makran coast approximately 190 km from Karachi. The Park contains a variety of topographical features and habitats, varying from arid subtropical forest in the north to arid montane in the west. Large areas of the park are covered with drift sand and can be classified as coastal semi desert.hingol national park 2

The most important feature of the park is the the highest located mud volcano in the world.

images (8)
Largest Mud Volcano

Also, the park forms an excellent habitat to wild Sindh Ibex, Afghan Urial and Chinkara Gazelle and a large number of bird species.

5. Murree Hills

Pindi-Point-MurreeThis is a summer hill station, summer resort and is sitated in Murree, the subdivision of Rawalpindi District. Murree was the summer capital of the British Raj in the Punjab Province. People from all over the Pakistan wish to go there in summer to enjoy its beauty and in winter season for astonishing experience of snowfall. Bhurban and New Murree (Patriata) are a main tourist center. One of the most favorite tourist point of Murree is Galliat, it has fascinating greenery and scenic beauty that attracts tourist belonging different regions of Asia. Most Popular Picnic Points of Murree Hills are Dunga Gali , Muskpuri Hill , Nathia Gali, Bara Gali and Mall Road.

images (9)
Hotel Pearl Continental, Bhurban, Murree

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The Lahore Fort

Lahore fort is one of  major historical places in Lahore, Pakistan, that catches the attention of the visitors from all over the globe. The infrastructure of the fort is quite unique and artisticnin nature and has the ability to fascinate the tourists. Everyday a large number of local and foreign tourists come to the Lahore Fort and enjoy the beauty of the mega structure of the Mughal reign.images (1).jpeg

  • Lahore Fort, locally referred to as Shahi Qila, is citadel of the city of Lahore.
  • It was built during the reign of Mughal emperor Akbar (1556 – 1605), and ws regularly upgraded by subsequent rulers.
  • It is spread over approximately 60 acres and is  trapezoidal in form.
  • It is the only monument in Pakistan which represents a complete history of Mughal architecture.
  • In 1981, the fort was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • The Lahore fort has 2 gates and both of them were built by two different emperors. One of the gate is known as the Alamgiri gate and it was built by the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir. This gate is the entrance of Lahore fort. It is fort’s most iconic monuments and once featured on Pakistani currency.

    The other gate is the Masiti gate also known as the Mosque Gate. It was built by Mughal emperor Akbar.

Some other famous sites inside the fort include:

  1. Sheesh Mahal ( The Palace of Mirrors), it is elaborately decorated with a myriad of reflective glass tiles and white marble. It was constructed under the reign of Shah Jahan.The-Sheesh-Mahal


    2. Naulakha Pavilion (so named for the mystical number nine and for the nine lakhs of rupees it took to build it) is a white marble personal chamber with a curvilinear roof.

    images (2)

3. The Moti Masjid ( The Pearl Mosque). It is a small, white marble structure built by Mughal emperor Jahangir, and is among his prominent extensions (such as Sheesh Mahal and Naulakha pavilion) to the Lahore Fort Complex. The mosque is located on the western side of Lahore Fort, closer to Alamgiri Gate, the main entrance.The interior is simple and plain with the exception of ceilings that are decorated and designed in four different orders, two arcuate, and two trabeated.images (3)


There are many gardens present inside the fort. The greenery of these gardens is enjoyed by all the visitors.

All the royal rooms which were used by comfort are by the Mughal emperors are present inside the fort. All the rooms have awesome patterns of calligraphy on their walls snd they built with many expensive stones which are landmark feature of Lahore Fort. Thus, the fort manifests the rich traditions of  Mughal architecture.

So the tourists come from all over the world to witness this huge marvel of the world in form of Lahore Fort and enjoy themselves very much.

The Walled City of Lahore.

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Noor Mahal

download (4)

  • The Noor mahal is a palace in Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan.
  • It was built in 1872.
  • It belonged to the nawab of Bahawalpur.
  • The construction of Noor Mahal was undertaken by Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Khan the fourth, who was also known as the Shah Jahan of Bahawalpur for his passion of constructing beautiful (5)
  • Mr Heennan, an Englishman who was the state engineer, designed the building.
  • Most of the palace’s materials from England and Italy. 

  • According to one legend, Nawab Sadiq Khan Abbasi IV had the palace made for his wife; however she was only there for one night, as she happened to see the adjoining graveyard from her balcony, and refused to spend another night there, so it remained unused during his reign.
  • The construction of Noor Mahal was completed in 1875 at a cost of Rs 1.2 million.images (35)download (5)images (34) 


    7309998512_d9d17c3b95_b2343807428_cc2613c692_z7316148712_1108b77476_bimages (5)