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RDP Wednesday – EXCITED

Here’s my take on RagRag daily prompt!

Today’s word: Excited

It does not take luxuries and grandeur to make her excited. It’s just the honest text of ‘hi’ that makes her jump out of her bed like a baby rejoicing over a favourite toy.

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Stand up for yourself!

I believe that it’s a need of an hour to inculcate various and diverse mindsets to come to terms of why things exist the way they exist for youth and I believe that nobody would come to address your queries if you yourself would not take initiatives. Thus, it’s my initiative to make an impact in what ever domain I can by starting the #standupforyourself series.

I’ve my opinion and a certain ideology with which I can inculcate a sense of analysis and can inspire people of my age that speaking one’s mind is productive and OKAY!

Looking forward to my wordpress family’s comments about this series and what ya think about speaking up for yourself!

Good day 🌸

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Be Your Own Paradise

An overwhelming sentiment! πŸ₯ΊπŸ™

Simply Etta

One thing that you can accomplish for yourselves is to be friends with yourself, give yourself love as you provide for different companions and make yourself your number 1 priority because you can’t adore individuals and make them to accept that you love them except if you do not love yourself. People are temporary, you with you is permanent. Just be your own paradise!
― Jannat Amjad

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4th Anniversary! 30-09-17 – 30-09-21

Hey everyone. VAS HAPPENING.? Hope you all doing good. Welcome to my little space and thank you so much for stopping by my blog.

I just can’t believe that its been four years since I’ve started this venture. I initiated simply to get an escape from the toxic thoughts that were draining me so I found an easier way to put them down here and feel relieved. However, with time and days, I started enjoying writing and this wouldn’t have been possible without ya’ll.!

So I’m overwhelmed to be celebrating fourth anniversary of dusk alert. I want to thank each and every person who visited my blog, commented and liked my posts. My heartiest thanks to each one of you for pouring in so much love and gratitude. I’m truly honoured and humbled!




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Sadje asks, ‘When does it all start to really matter?

My answer to this question is as follows:

It all really starts to matter when you figure out the purpose and goal of living, what you want to achieve, why you want to get to a certain point and it all starts to matter when you sense circumstances you’re befallen with, the urge to drag oneself out from those phases lays foundation to set goals, the chase to those dreams and notions makes it all really important and that’s when things really start to matter.

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Yay!!! 15k + Stats. BOOMING. THANKU SO MUCH!!!πŸ™

Hey everyone. VAS HAPPENING. Hope you all doing good. Welcome to my little space and thank you so much for stopping by my blog.Β 

15K PLUS STATS. IT IS HUGE. COULD NOT HAVE DONE THIS WITHOUT YOUR SUPPORT! My heart just keeps thanking and thankingΒ you all. I’m grateful!Β 

Keep pouring in the love and I’ll try my best to entertain you all with my posts. And please do let me know if there’s anything I need to work on.





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I learned to accept things the way they are, the way things are destined for me
I learned to stop complaining and start working to change what I want to modify
I learned to listen to my heart
I learned to say NO
I learned the importance of keeping oenself away from toxic people
I learned the importance of self entertainment
I learned to take stand for myself
I learned the importance of family
I learned to be straightforward without regretting over mundane things
I learned to stay focused
I got know a lot about myself, my strengths and my weaknesses
I got to become a private person after realizing the fact that it’s not always good to put out things always to everyone
I learned to cherish little moments
I learned to be proud of myself!

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Happy Cartoons!

Hey everyone. VAS HAPPENING.? Hope you all doing good. Welcome to my little space and thank you so much for stopping by my blog.

There are some days when you feel like the best and energised for no reason at all. You feel like doing something crazy, funny, entertaining, something just for your own self without thinking much into anything.

Today’s that kinda day where I woke up, had my bed tea with some biscuits and started browsing Instagram. I honestly do not prefer checking mobile right after you wake up because the hell load of notifications and ‘work calls’ instantly demotivates you to think of doing something crazy funny for yourself. Is it or is it not?

However, being the helplessly helpless force of habit, I checked my mobile and went straight to my wordpress, read some Christmas day blogs, enjoyed them thoroughly and went to Instagram to check how my friends have celebrated Christmas, what they wore etc.

In doing so, I came across Justin Bieber’s mom’s Instagram story of Linus cartoons explaining the meaning of Christmas as per their own ideology.

The cartoon story instantly made me watch cartoons all over again. I loved watching cartoons as a kid. Oswald, Mr Nobody, Tom and Jerry, Dora are some of my favourite cartoons.

I regret missing out on Simpsons, pink panther, I’m weasel, Scooby Doo, Spongebob, Pokemon, power puff girls and many more. I DON’T know where the hell I was to not be able to watch such iconic cartoons.

But as they say it’s never too late so I’ve decided to reconnect to my kid days and start watching all the cartoons that I’ve missed then, now!!!

Help me choose the best ones by mentioning some of your favourite cartoons in the comments below so that I can enjoy my vacations!

Warm regards

~Jannat πŸ’«

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Hey everyone. VAS HAPPENING.? Hope you all doing good. Welcome to my little space and thank you so much for stopping by my blog.


He followed his vision and worked tremendously hard to make his dreams come true. Our Quaid never got reluctant on following his ideology and is an inspiration for all of us!


#QuaideAzam β€πŸ’«