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LoIsInDaBl 2018 Is Over!


Hello everyone. VAS HAPPENING. Hope you all doing good. Welcome to my little space and thank you so much for dropping by. Today I took the time out to make a last post for the event, LoIsInDaBl 2018. I thoroughly enjoyed the event and it made me realise about alot of things, for example, the words like, devotion, passion or even a gift can be so special when we look deeper into its meaning. I loved it. Would love to take part another time. Great experience!

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#Loisindabl 2018 – Passion


Okay, so I love this word “passion”. I guess it has a very strong association with everyone. Because every individual wants to do some endeavour in their lives and somehow or the other that thing becomes a passion and if Almighty wants you to adapt it as a profession, He guides you towards the path that leads to it. So what I belive is that every person must have a passion or a reason to live. We need challenges for our mental growth. Being passionate about things is very very important because it pulls you to do something extraordinary and it compels you to do things by going beyond your limits.
#don’tpanic #makeithappen #make_your_passion_a_profession.