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I need reviews from my wordpress family! πŸ’«

Hello, lovely WordPress family. I haven’t communicated with you guys in the same way for far too long. I missed everyone of you. Genuinely. I couldn’t devote as much time to WordPress as I used to back then because I was too busy with my bachelor’s, but I still made sure to keep you all informed with my write-ups.

I received numerous responses about my first book, Be Your Own Paradise and Let the World Wonder How You Make it Happen, at this period, and I realised that other authors might be interested in reading it, so I released it on Amazon Kindle.

Here’s the link to my book,

I sincerely ask that my WordPress family read my book and leave me an unbiased review. I eagerly await your comments.

Once again, thank you very much.


Jannat Amjad πŸ•Š

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Hey my wordpress family!!! Hope you all are doing great and making the most out of the winter break.

I have a good news for all my readers. Most of you were asking for my book and where can you buy it and how much it costs. So seeing the willingness and interest that you have shown, I’m offering my book, Be Your Own Paradise And Let The World Wonder How You Make It happen, for FREE but only for 4 days. so grab your copies now and do let me know what you think about it.

I’m really intrigued to know what you’ve got to say about my writings.

I’m sharing the link. Go get yours.

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Debut book live on Amazon!

Hey everyone. VAS HAPPENING. Hope you all doing good. Welcome to my little space and thank you so much for stopping by my blog. 

Guys as I’ve already informed you about my debut book, Be Your Own Paradise, here is another good news for all the book lovers. It is now live on Amazon. Most of my WordPress friends were asking about my book’s availability on this incredible platform. So friends, wait is over and here is the link.

Go grab your e-copy and enjoy the seven basic emotions that humans experience in their lives.

You’re all required to first dowload the kindle app and only then you’ll be able to purchase it. Once the kindle app is downloaded, the reading becomes easy as you’ll have the option to buy it. So download the app, buy it and learn how you can be your own paradise!

Don’t forget to review it. I’ll be waiting for your response. Till then, take care, have fun!


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My Debut Book Out Now!

I feel an immense pleasure to announce that my debut book, ‘Be Your Paradise’ is out now. I really hope that you won’t regret buying it.

It took me four years to write a book and I really hope that it resonates with your life experiences as well.

The book will take you phases of your life and how human spends days looking for true love, dreaming for it to happen and how that chase of beautifully dreamy notions makes you fearful of losing the people that too β€˜human’; How those fears of uncertainty puts you in darkness of hollow bliss where you stay numb, knowingly in a state of denial yet expecting better positive days to help you say, β€˜yes I’m beautiful, I’m worth it, I’m my own paradise’.

This book will take you to each phase of life that breaks and makes you. Be your own paradise contains something for everybody regardless of age, color, cultures and gender. This is for all.

Here’s the link. Available at an affordable price. BUY NOW!

Thank you in advance!



“Be Your Own Paradise” by Jannat Amjad