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To Soul Search is Better Than To Blame Others.!

We should not feel sorry for ourselves. It’s not always good to blame others for our misery. Everything we face as a person is the ultimate result of our own decisions and choices. If someone broke our heart, it’s not his/her fault, it’s ours. Why we let ourselves to become so attached to that person.? Why we cared too much.? Why we trusted too much.? Why we loved too much when we were not getting the right vibe.? Nothing is good in excess. We need to keep some energy for ourselves; we should learn to contain ourselves.

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Nature is innate, it can’t be changed.!

They say, time changes people. I say, nothing can change a person. Nothing can change a nature of a person. However, a person becomes pretentious, learns to act according to the situation. While doing so, he/she never feels comfortable but is forced to behave in a certain way to tackle people and situation.

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I cared for you
Ignored everyone around me
Became indifferent to others
Never tried to make another friend

You mattered the most to me
Your likes became my likes
Your dislikes became my dislikes
Your enemies became my enemies
Your friends became my friends

Adopted your way of talking
Adopted your dressing style
Adopted your way of living
Admired you for who you were
Accepted you the way you were

Never complained you everytime you yelled at me
Always initiated conversations
Always apologised first
Just to be with you, to be your friend

I gave my 100% to you, to our friendship
But what you did to me?
You broke my heart
You were never my friend
You always pretended
Infact you never faked it
I didn’t understand you

I trusted you blindly
I never considered you wrong
I never wanted to loose you
But you didn’t deserve me
I never imagined you to be that bad
My heart never accepted that, my brain always did.
You were not my friend
You were fake.



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From, ‘What If’ – to -‘Yes, It Is.’

What if, I loose X?

What if, I loose Y?

What if, X leaves me?

What if, Y leaves me?

How would I live without X?

How would I live without Y?

I would cry endlessly.

I would probably die.

No, nobody dies for anyone.

Nobody cares for anyone after they’re gone,

Except the few who have *heart*, who *value relationships*, and who *respect and love the person they’ve spend time with*.

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Take a Step.!

People don’t wanna make you laugh
They can’t see you brighter
All you need to do is to step up your game
Do it up
Make it to the point
Where folks can’t mess
Where you just be you

Escape to the world, the world of dreams
Own yourself
Like nobody else do
Oh baby take a step, take a step
Step it up
Do it up
Make it to the point
Where folks can’t mess
Were you just be you.

You got troubles,Β  I’ve seen you crying
But not now
No more crying, no more tears
No more troubles
Cause the escape from the dreary realities of life, gonna take them away
You need to take a step, take a step
Step it up
Do it up
Make it to the point
Where folks can’t mess
And where you just be you…

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