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The less can do the more !

Sometimes the little things take from you your everything
Sometimes the misunderstandings take from you your most loved ones
Sometimes the distrust takes from you your claims of ‘forever there’
Sometimes the argument takes from you your rights to complain
Sometimes the little thoughts take you from you
Sometimes the non existent things ruin what really exists
And it hurts, it really hurts !

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The Unforgettable Nightmares that You have lived !

And sometimes the past memories hurt you

And it feels like not going back is the only option who want to have

And it makes you to not even dream about reliving your childhood

And it makes you numb, indifferent, insecure, indecisive and fearful

All because of the unforgettabe nightmares that you have lived

You are you !

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Triggered I was at the hands of my inner demons, now I surrendered
Done with the inner conflicts

Displaying emotions on a plate of world, letting the residents use and perceive them as they want to






Vacant soul it is !




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Limit yourself, adopt moderation !

The more you get into people, the more you get hurt; the less you focus on yourself, the more you start embracing others; the more fragments being made; the more difficult it becomes to collect them all; the more difficult it becomes to know yourself and starting everything all over again !

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