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Kindles the dimness of my darks
Just like the starlight diffusing the sky!
Feeds the unfed holes of queries
Enjoys my unsaid bits of mysteries
Talking, mocking, bursting tears
Hiding perks of being

I’ve befallen with the dreams
That were simply full of screams
The lighting of the unlits
Leading to the autumn darks
Exposing cursing all at once
Calling for the quits
That are not just meant to be done!

I know, wanna know
The causing of the trials
Coming all at a time when I know all it all
The shits, the fucks of an whole
Draining to an extent, higher on the nerves
Calling for the quits
That are not just meant to be done!

I’ve wish I’ve hid it all
Regretting the admittance of an all
I wish I haven’t conceded
Admittance to the uncertainties of future
With no cures, no guarantees
No certainties, no occurrences
All were the crisis
Crisis of never meant to be together
Yet I’m not ready to call it quits
Cz yeah yeah *blank spaces*

I’ve fallen, swallowen the unsaids
I’ve lived with the fancies
Light of you
Your texts
Hi bby!
My mood lightens, my soul kindles
Like the starlight feeding the sky

I miss our moments
Our zones of love and fights
Tell me what u gotta do with this
May be its better this way
Yet I’m not ready to call it quits to call it quits
Cz yeah yeah *blank spaces*

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Melancholic whispers!

Into the ignitingly filled yet unexplainably vacant soul Melancholic whispers

Hands clasp
Doings, settlements, adorings, promises of forever Euphemizingly asserting,
Counter talks
Foggy credence!

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A few times all a person needs is a basic thank you
A simple sweet word in a sweet tone is desired to feel beloved to feel dearest
Sometimes all a person needs is a little effort
An effort that doesn’t needs a lot
An effort to say I’m there
An effort to say ‘you’re looking good today’
An effort to say ‘I love the way you’re treating me’
An effort to say ‘you’re doing good’
An effort to say ‘I’m proud of you’
An effort to say ‘you’re not alone in this’
An effort to say ‘you can share!’
An effort to send an additional emjoi in a text
An effort to like someone’s post
An effort to ask ‘you okay?-‘
An effort to compliment a dress
An effort to say ‘tell me what you’re reading?-‘
An effort to ask ‘what’s new?-‘
An effort to just simply ask ‘what’s up?-‘ or just a ‘hi’
Every last bit of it and endeavors like these doesn’t need a penny nor an ‘effort effort’
All it requires is a kindly generous heart
Empathizingly sensed action to cause to feel somebody they’re worth it!
What’s keeping us away from doing these little adorable things for individuals?
Hectic schedules?
Or just an ego?
Everybody is confronting their own battles hidden from the world
So why not make this world a wonderful place to exist for us all?!
Why not spread positivity, love, graciousness, light and harmony?!
Let’s promise ourselves to put in the acts of dovely daisiness!
The acts of blommingly rain bowed efforts!

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Give a pause to dip in!

The world is much more than a spot to stress over about who’s gone and who’ll stay
Who likes me and who not
Who thinks I’m a bitch and who believes I’m an heavenly attendant
Give a pause to all the unnecessarily toxic concerns
Which other than giving you paranoid lens to phases of life, give nothing
There is an unseen serenely beautiful world to look at
Where greetings, meetings, interactions, affacuattion and praising is much the same as an influx of wind for some hours to enjoy and then to cherish forever!
The breezes are never remembered for the destruction they caused but embedded in minds with the joyous moments it caused you dip to in!

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Because we’re humans!

We sympathize when one’s gone
We empathize when one’s gone
We understand when one’s gone
We accept when one’s gone
We forgive when one’s gone
We recognize when one’s gone
We appreciate when one’s gone
We self monitor when one’s gone
The awakening comes in after putting one to sleep
The reception comes in after exposing one to rejection
Yet another excuse of being “human!”
How can we tell if a person is depressed by just seeing at a person
We can’t state about what’s happening inside an individual
Irony: We can do assumptions
We’re masters at it!
Irony: We can presume only what gives us pleasure
The delight of validating one’s own “shrewd” predictions.
Exuse, ‘ We’re humans’

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You & I

Distant moon and shinning stars
You and I
And those moonlit nights
Cherishing moments
Seeing the dreams coming to life
Reminiscing over the promises made
Reflecting upon the plans planned
Recalling the struggles faced
You and I
Admiringly staring at each other
With those gleamingly shining eyes
With the mist that hides the oceans of emotions
Finding answers for bearing those heart wrenching days
Applauding with blissful smiles
Holding hands with pride
Honouring by owning each other
Purity exposes with the contended grins
Here we are looking the skies
Making memories
To be told
To be remembered
To be cherished
To be idolized
For infinite years !

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Genius numbness!

Why we give importance to individuals more than we provide for ourselves who is similarly a delightful soul who may require a greater amount of a consideration and sustaining that you’re providing for an individual whose assurance of remaining in your life perpetually isn’t ensured

Why an individual cries, gets in depression, toxicate oneself, overlook himself, disregard others, ruin his days, don’t live his minutes in light of the fact that the individual he needed in his life isn’t there when that individual is chilling and living like a full

Why we trust blindly, knowing that promises are intended to be broken, they’re an agony executioner, soothes you for some time yet don’t take out the torment from a root

Why we trust blindly knowing loyalty is a myth, just said not done

Why we confide in aimlessly knowing the other individual is human as well

Also, on the off chance that we know it all than why we’re in relations

Also, on the off chance that they were so harmful why Allah made them, at that point

Also, on the off chance that everybody is harmful, at that point aren’t we among them

The appropriate response is we are among them

Being human another reason and a safe play card to legitimize being with others people and supporting your genious deadness!

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Acting cool?!

I lost to my inner demons
Escaping the reality
Unsuccessfuly maintaining a strategic distance from the voids that exist
Defectively consoling a soul
However everything appears to be correct and splendid

I lost to my overthinking
Battling the musings
Failing to prove them a reality
Weeping over them being called suppositions
The mess of mind; the wreckage of brain
However imagining everything is correct and splendid

I lost to my inward voices
Shouting to acknowledge a reality
Teaching mental fortitude
Inculcating courage
To accept what’s not adequate
Yet has to be accepted
Yet everything seems right and bright

I lost to uncertainties
Convincing oneself
It is all false
Undigested, unabsorbed happenings
Rehashing themselves
Startling occasions
Starting all over again
Yet everything seems right and bright

I lost and I lost!
Holding nothing back all-in-vain endeavours
Accommodating to pieces of astonishment
Making a decent attempt
Making harmony with ‘now’ unveiled veils
Letting oneself know
Everything is correct and brilliant

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Indeed, we are genuis dumbs!

Indeed, we are Genuis Dumbs !
We know who did what
We know who did what when
We know who did what why
We know who did what, what
Yet addressing ourselves
“Who” is who ?
We know who that “who” is
We’re in mess!
Knowing everything; yet obliviant
Knowing everything; yet ignorant
Knowing everything; yet forgetful
Knowing everything; yet nearer
Knowing everything; yet forgivers
Knowing everything; yet weepers
Knowing everything: yet an over thinkers?
Knowing everything; yet dumbs!

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