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Live and be alive!

Take decisions and carry them out.

Stick to heart’s desire and nothing less.

Discover your true calling and chase the road that leads to it.

Connect to your divine energy and choose the soul over ignorance.

Break free from the grip of fear;

And be you, the dignified being.

// Jannat Amjad

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Episodes of melancholy

To those hours of cowardice sentiments

Where suicidial thoughts becomes inevitable

And skin goes numb under the burden of emotions and thoughts of pessimism

To those days of grief moments

Where brain surrenders to think positive

Where heart fails to project waves of energised blood

Where body gives up and falls under the weight of ached margins

Where eyes gets tired of hiding hurt beneath the sparkling glare of sorrow

Where stress wrinkles shows up and tears trickle down

Where light becomes dark and dark gets meaning

// Jannat Amjad

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Bonding does not mean to bond an individual with an imposition of your beliefs

Bonding does not mean to exterminate the real gist of your partner’s character by emotionally forcing your preferences upon them

Bonding does not mean to compel an individual to darkness of imposed concedence

However, bonding allows the two individuals to bond the capacities of their beings with the acceptance of flawed, dissimilar, and disconnected margins of a character

Two individuals bonded with the genuine commitment of celebrating the less flattering sides of their other half with equal pride and respect are partners in true sense

Two individuals bonded with the passion of growing together as an individual and also as a unit are partners in real means

Two individuals bonded with the lifelong promise of honoring the differences and flaunting the similarities of each other are partners for life.

// Jannat Amjad

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Seesaw of brain’s chaos!

Being able to keep the brain’s steering in the right direction in itself is an accomplishment as many individuals struggle to maintain a balance between the two overwhelming margins of mind, where negative spaces are more likely to overpower postive pop ins!

// Jannat Amjad

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Let fate decides what’s best!

We complicate the basic emotion of fondnes with the thoughts of long term association.

We confuse adoration with love and interactions with the signs of future ties

We get entangled with overthinking by looking ahead of times and ruining our present

We ruin moments of bliss with the desires of holding onto the person and moments forever without realising the facts of destiny and plans planned for the being

And with the aims of longevity of affection, we dive into black holes of hollow tranquility by dimming lights of joy

// Jannat Amjad

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It’s all love that triggers people to do good and all that triggers to do bad.

Love: a chaotic bliss. A reason to chaos and bliss!

//Jannat Amjad

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Imaginary fancied abode!

Can we please hide at a place of dream lights with zero boundaries of thinking and making moments of bliss to get dim.

Where your presence feels like a 100 with zero margins of doubt, perplexion and hollowness.

Where our talks are genuine with zero ambiguities of lies and greys.

Where your words reflects your affection and compliments are solely for my soul with zero interference of past references.

Where I, do not for a second think twice to call you mine.

Where you manifest each action that aggravates and strengths my belief in you being mine.

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Cherished moments!

Cheers to the days of blossoming bliss of being understood and recognised. Cheers to all those moments of togetherness where fragrances of affection, care and love was shared. Cheers to every second of feeling sentiments of being mine!