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Such a beautiful imagery.!


as sun journey's west
delicious little sunbeams
lose themselves in twilight haze
shadows drowse in rising gloam
solitary bird flies home

a yellow moon burns
sky unravels coasting stars
silver moonbeams wrap my hair
fireflies flame my gaze
I cradle my solitude
drawing peace from the unknown.


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The Games We Play

The games we play When we don’t know what to say Other than the truth because We often let our fears get in the way The games we play When we know how we feel But let the complexities of life Build and foster within us unnecessary strife The games we play AsΒ […]

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Inspiration from a Second-Grade Classroom… πŸ‘¦ πŸ‘§

I just lovedd itt.😊


Originally posted on Peace from Panic: Earlier this week my daughter Mackenzie sent an email to our family, with the subject line β€œInspiration.” It was Monday, and I needed some inspiration so I couldn’t wait to see what she had to say. Inside her email was a link to an article from Adweek. TheΒ reporter…

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Thank you for this great hint of positive mindset, Dream Big, Dream Often and Peace from Panic!Β πŸ’›Β πŸ’™Β πŸ’œΒ πŸ’š

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