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Hostel Life #6

Life Lessons: What Hostel Life Looks Like?: What it teaches you?: What type of people you meet in a hostel?:ย 

There are certain THINGS in life that makes you feel like you’ve changed when you’re not but want to.

There are certain PEOPLE in life whom you meet and feel like they’re not the type of people you are or they’re not good for you.

Sometimes you meet the ones who’re of your type but not YOU. They don’t have the heart, emotions, and mindset like you.

There are certain situations where you feel like you’re DONE with life. You no more wants to live but the second moment you feel scared of death.

Sometimes you feel like, I don’t want to talk to ANYONE. Everyone seems so bad and fake as if they’re against you and wishes the bad for you.

Sometimes you cares for everyone. Everyone seems so good and kind as if they’re your BESTIES. You chat with them and do fun with them. However, the next morning you feel like there exist no one like them. They passed by you you as if they never met you.

This is what HOSTEL is. Here you learn what LIFE is.

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From, ‘What If’ – to -‘Yes, It Is.’

What if, I loose X?

What if, I loose Y?

What if, X leaves me?

What if, Y leaves me?

How would I live without X?

How would I live without Y?

I would cry endlessly.

I would probably die.

No, nobody dies for anyone.

Nobody cares for anyone after they’re gone,

Except the few who have *heart*, who *value relationships*, and who *respect and love the person they’ve spend time with*.

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Take a Step.!

People don’t wanna make you laugh
They can’t see you brighter
All you need to do is to step up your game
Do it up
Make it to the point
Where folks can’t mess
Where you just be you

Escape to the world, the world of dreams
Own yourself
Like nobody else do
Oh baby take a step, take a step
Step it up
Do it up
Make it to the point
Where folks can’t mess
Were you just be you.

You got troubles,ย  I’ve seen you crying
But not now
No more crying, no more tears
No more troubles
Cause the escape from the dreary realities of life, gonna take them away
You need to take a step, take a step
Step it up
Do it up
Make it to the point
Where folks can’t mess
And where you just be you…

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Your Heart Knows Things That Your Mind Can’t Explain.!

Go where the heart takes you
Heart never lies
It tells you something which you truly feels and want to do.

The voice of heart is the voice of your hidden self
The voice you fear to say on your own
It tells you your feeling that stays inside you, that was born to be spoken but remain unspoken because you fear to tell the world what you think.

Heart is like an old mirror table placed in a dusty store room
The dust covers it everyday and you removed it everyday just to make sure that it is still new and presentable
But everyday you enter the room and see the dusty table which reminds you that it is not what you think, it is not in your hands; dust will come and make it look ugly.

Heart similarly gets full of dust and everyday you tries to remove it
But with each passing day you realize that it is not in your hands to keep your heart away from this dust
But it is what life is and it is what it is.

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Hostel Life #5

Home sickness is an obvious thing when you are a hostelite, living with strangers. Nothing makes you feel good or relaxed when everyone around you is either fake or obliviant to whatever happens to you. I agree that not everyone is fake but it is true that no-one is your really good *friend.* If someone talks to you politely, it does not mean that they are honest with you. It’s an advice for everyone who willย  go to hostel that, ‘DO NOT ATTACH EMOTIONS WITH ANYONE. DON’T DEPEND ON ANYONE. LEARN TO ENJOY ALONE. NEVER LOOK OUTย  FOR ANYONE TO TALK TO YOU OR TO MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD. RATHER, TALK TO YOUR FAMILY, AND CLOSE CHILDHOOD FRIENDS, ONLY. THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES ON WHOM YOU CAN TRUST. NEVER SHARE YOUR SECRETS WITH ANYONE. DON’T TRUST PEOPLE EASILY. NEVER CHANGE YOURSELF BY LOOKING AT SOMEONE BECAUSE YOU WILL GET TO MEET ALOT OF DIFFERENT PEOPLE WITH DIFFERENT BACKGROUNDS. IT’S NOT GOOD FOR YOU TO COPY SOMEONE’S STYLE OR WAY OF LIVING. DON’T WASTE YOUR ENERGY IN MAKING GRUDGES. RATHER, FOCUS ON YOUR STUDIES; KEEP IN MIND THE PURPOSE OF YOUR STAY AT HOSTEL. BE HONEST WITH ALMIGHTY AND YOUR PARENTS.’

If you don’t get my point so just focus on the simple phenomena: ‘BE KIND, BE CARING, BE GOOD, BE SENSIBLE.’ That’s all.!

Before you get bored, let me tell you the lighter side of living in a hostel. If you’re lucky enough to have good and honest roomates, your life will become heaven. You’ll enjoy with them, do combine studies, and have fun with them. I’m blessed to have very friendly roomates. We enjoy alot. Like yesterday, it was Friday, we took lectures, got freed, it started rain, we played ludo, talked, played songs, went to a mess, ate cake rusk with tea, came back, decorated our room with fairy lights, invited seniors to look at our room, chatted with them, ordered cheese rolls, watched a movie, and went to sleep. It was so much fun. Hoping to have a great weekend. Wishing you all the same. Xoxo๐Ÿ’•

Here’s the pictures of our room.





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Hostel Life #4

In this part of the series, I’ll mentionย  the blessings I got by being a hostelite.ย  I’m so blessed to have admitted in the best university I can imagine. It is like aย  dream come true. All thanks to Almighty for showering me with so much of everything.

So here are the things I enjoy being a hostelite:

  1. Getting up early in the morning.
  2. Taking proper breakfast, on time.
  3. Being punctual.
  4. Having whatever lunch or dinner is made without any tantrums. Though I’ve an option to order food but there’s a sense of responsibility that this is my budget and I’ve to deal accordingly. (But still I ordered twice or thrice๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚)
  5. Walking in the lush, emeraldย  green grounds.
  6. ย Sitting around a water fountain.
  7. Rushing towards the coordinator’s office for attendance at sharp 8 pm. and the chatt we have with her during that 1, 2 minutes is one of the best part of the day.
  8. Roaming around the hostel but only till 9 pm.
  9. Going to senior’s rooms.
  10. Playing ludo and uno.
  11. Chatting with the sport’s persons. (There are many female cricketers, playing at national and international level, in our hostel)
  12. Watching the matches. (My university promotes sports very much and is best known for the annual sports days.)
  13. Having tea at 4 pm.
  14. Thinking of the snacks or food we get in the mess. That curiosity has it’s own charm. ๐Ÿ˜
  15. Playing loud music on weekends.
  16. Setting alarms. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  17. Taking handwash out of the cupboards ever time I go to washroom. It’s funny but it’s what it is.
  18. Going to the ‘big tree’ for free WiFi. (My university have this very old, big tree around which we sit and enjoy at night but only till 9 pm as after this time gates are closed.)
  19. Gossiping with roomates.
  20. Sharing stories of our experiences with other hostelites.

Here are the pictures of my Hostel/University:


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Hostel Life #3

So the problems we face as a hostelite are countless. Ourย  days starts at 6 a.m. with us rushingย  towards the commonย  washroomย  to get the *first, first* washroom because the chances of lizard lying there are less.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Then we quicklyย  brush our teeth, get fresh, and rushย  towardsย  the sharing unit, called a mess. The breakfast due to which we rushed, and struggled is just a fried egg, two breads, a butter, a jam, and ofcourse a tea.ย (I’ll make a post on the *menu for a week*).

The time we take to eat breakfast depends on the timings of our classes. Let’sย  say, if we have a class at 8 a.m., then we complete our breakfast by 7:30-40 a.m.ย  and rushed towardsย  our respectiveย  rooms to get dressedย  for a class. But if we have a class at,ย  say 9:30 or 11:00 or 2:30 pm., then that the ideal situationย  for us to sit at mess, get relaxed,ย  eat slowly, and chatt non-stop ๐Ÿ˜‚ As I’veย  mentioned in my first post of theย hostel series #1ย  ย that there are specific timings for breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner, so we’reย  not allowed to sit in a mess after that specificย  time.

After takingย  classes, we rush towardsย  the canteen for a slush. The only thingย  I prefer having in this hot weather and hectic, and tiring day is a cold slush especially with theย  blueberry and black current mixed; It’s so yummy. I like lychee too. After that, we come to hostel for a lunch, take bath, get fresh, do prayer, and go to sleep till 4 p.m. At 4 p.m. we co.e again come to messย  for tea and snacks. This time, while I’mย  having a tea, is my most favouriteย  part of the day. After having tea, we do our assignment, and whateverย  work we have and after dinner at 8 pm. we chill and relax. We play games, do chatt withย  our seniors, do prayer, set alarm,ย  ad go to sleep till 6 a.m.