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A dark story !

Why is that we always go after people
Knowing the harsh facts that they do not deserve us
Why we let them take us for granted
Why we put our worth second to theirs
Why we do not consider ourselves up of everything and everyone
Why we consider doing this makes us rude and selfish
If that is the case then what did you get by being selfless
The answer is people’s fake care, attention, love and sympathy
By getting so, we let them be the heroes of a story
We let them think that they are doing efforts
We let them think that we are not reciprocating
We let them think that they are doing extra of everything, for us!
We let them be the shining stars of a dark story
We let ourselves be the dark of the dark story!
Each individual passes time
In doing so, they will give you only what you apparently need in their eyes
By need what they think you want, not what you deserve
Don’t ever think that you are not doing anything
People give you if they feel like giving
People do efforts if they feel like doing them
Nobody is angelic to give you more of what you deserve
No one is generous enough to give you extra ALC-attention, love, care
It’s always a result of a vibe they get and feel like reciprocating
But not as you want them to and not always what you deserve
Why we always excuse them for the fact of being humans and not angels
When we know what is right and what is wrong
We can sense, we can feel, we can empathise
But it’s only when we want, when we feel like
It’s only for whom we want to give
It’s only for why we want to give
We are humans, we do consider rewards
We are humans, we do not consider emotions
We are humans, we do consider revenge
We are humans, we do not consider forgiveness
We are humans, we would never become angels
How can we be angels?
We can think
But we think only what we want to think and what the devil inisde us makes us think
Think of letting people down,
Think of hurting their emotions,
Finding reasons to make them feel inferior,
Exposing them to other ‘humans’
Making them fear us
Making them numb with threats
Only because we are humans, we are not angels !
Is being human this?
Is being human makes you cruel?
Is being human makes you cold?
Is being human makes you brutally superior?
Is being human makes you ignorant?
Is being human makes you evil?
Is being human has become a curse?
Why being human has beome being ‘the ultimate rulers of wrong and cruel doings’
When we are meant to be morally dignified!

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Sleeping is nice.You forget about everything for a little while.

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